Audiogame Jam

Audiogame Jam was an event that ran each autumn between 2016 and 2018. It was a game jam event designed to promote accessibility in games and raise money for RNIB. It was more successful than I expected in gathering coverage and game submissions but did not ultimately raise much money. It’s something I’m very glad… Read more Audiogame Jam

Audiogames, Audiogame Jam and Playing Videogames Without Sight

Videogames are software applications designed for interactive entertainment. They are available for home computers, dedicated games consoles, smartphones and tablets, and are an increasingly significant part of modern culture. They are also in most cases inaccessible to those with sight loss due to game designs that require the player to react to visual elements and on-screen feedback.

Pro Motion 6.5

I recently bought Pro Motion 6.5, a piece of software designed to allow the creation of pixel art. It’s quite good but has an interface that’s very unintuitive for someone used to Photoshop and GIMP. The online tutorial videos for it are also quite good if you can handle the terrible audio quality.