Link Pack – 08/04/23

RNIB Connect / RNIB Design For Every Gamer Launch ( – Sitting on news like this and not being able to talk about it is an odd form of torture, but Design for Every Gamer is finally here. Follow the link above to hear an interview about the project on RNIB Connect Radio. The first publicly-facing… Read more Link Pack – 08/04/23

Accessible Gaming Symposium

In Dundee on October 5-6, RNIB partnered with Abertay University to hold the Accessible Gaming Symposium. The two-day event saw game developers from across the works attend in person and online to discuss how games can be made more accessible to blind and partially sighted players. During the event Connect Radio recorded several interviews with… Read more Accessible Gaming Symposium

#GaminForRNIB Community Fundraising

The Royal National Institute’s VI Gaming groups have their own separate Community Discord server, and will be holding a community fundraising event to coincide with Global Accessibility Awareness Day and RNIB’s #GamingForRNIB fundraising event. They are streaming from Global Accessibility Awareness Day on the 20th – 23rd of May. It will be streaming live, and people can… Read more #GaminForRNIB Community Fundraising

Console Gaming with Sight Loss

Videogame consoles are, for most people, the easiest and most straightforward way to play videogames. Each is a device purpose-built to play games – the most well known brands being Xbox, PlayStation and Nintendo – and each has its own set of exclusive games unavailable to owners of competing consoles. For most these exclusive games are the main factor in choosing which console to buy, but for blind and visually impaired players there is another concern – accessibility.