Getting Started with Videogames

I’ve recently started a new role with RNIB Scotland as a Community Connection Coordinator – not an easy role during a pandemic – and my team are eager to make use of my game development and accessibility knowledge. As a result I’ll be producing a series of blog posts for NIB Scotland on the videogaming options available to blind and visually impaired people. The first of these can be found here.

In this article I discuss the options available for PC and smart device users and the communities that can give information and support. It’s aimed at an audience who will most likely have zero experience playing videogames, and as such is quite basic.

The long term goal for these blog posts is to encourage people in the Scottish VI community to consider playing videogames and setting up gaming peer support groups to assist with this. This is all dependant on the Covid-19 lock-down state being lifted and as such there’s no time-frame for this as yet. Still, I remain hopeful.