Link Pack – 08/04/23

RNIB Connect / RNIB Design For Every Gamer Launch ( – Sitting on news like this and not being able to talk about it is an odd form of torture, but Design for Every Gamer is finally here. Follow the link above to hear an interview about the project on RNIB Connect Radio.

The first publicly-facing part of this will be several Twitch streams starting on Monday 9th with Sightless Kombat at 7 PM. You can find his Twitch channel here, and visit the RNIB DfEG webpage here.

Accessibility Tags roll out this week on PlayStation Store on the PS5 console  – PlayStation.Blog – In any other week this would have been the lead news story, because this is a big step forward for PlayStation and an extremely helpful feature for PlayStation users. Coming this week, PS5 game developers can add accessibility tags to their games. This should make it easier to find games with specific accessibility features, and avoid buying games that are difficult or impossible to play.

WWE 2K23 accessibility review – Can I Play That? – WWE 2K23 may be an improvement on previous entries in the series, but falls short in visual accessibility.

Star Wars Jedi Survivor – Accessibility Preview – YouTube – Steve provides a run-through of the accessibility settings available in the upcoming game Star Wars – Jedi Survivor.

Bafta Games Awards: God of War wins six but Vampire Survivors is best game | Games | The Guardian – The Bafta Games Awards took place last week. Find out more about who won what here.

E3 2023: video game industry’s biggest expo cancelled | E3 | The Guardian – E3, once the biggest event in the games industry and the launchpad for new games and gaming hardware, has been cancelled for 2023.

Tips to support your neurodiverse team | – A fascinating article on how developers can make working conditions better for ND people.

Cheddar days are coming! Morrisons adds cheese eggs to its Easter range ( – A cheese easter egg! Is this even real? If not, it should be!

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