Update: I owe a lot to the tutorial linked to here. It helped a great deal in getting the hind leg working properly. It’s nearly done! The rig I’ve been working on for the puppy model is only lacking some blend shapes to give it facial expressions. Everything else, including the pain in the backside hind… Read more PuppyRig

Animal Skeletons

This semester I’ll be making basic models to use as subjects for some rigging experiments and as the eventual subjects of a short animation. I’m using non-human subjects this semester however, because I want something challenging to which I can apply the rigging techniques from last semester. To this end I’m looking up bird and… Read more Animal Skeletons

Rigging fun!

When I started rigging I hated it. Nothing seemed to make any sense and the placement of various locators, joints, NURBS circles, etc. seemed arbitrary and designed to confuse me. It’s not actually that hard. I just couldn’t grasp it. I’m getting to grips with it now though finally! What’s been a huge help was… Read more Rigging fun!