Adidas Animations

This animation was the product of many repeated drawings of a single object. By producing repeated studies of a single object we could create a final animation that would present it in a new and unexpected manner, similar to that employed by Claes Oldenburg. I’d initially began by drawing my Nintendo DS, but after leaving… Read more Adidas Animations

Sketchbooks, various projects

Some of my work isn’t very well served just by posting the final piece. I thought I’d dig out some of my old sketchbooks and give them the Youtube treatment. Below is a video that presents some of the better examples of pages from my sketchbooks and the final submission that they led to.

Life Drawing

During my time at college and university I did a lot of life drawing. We spent a great deal of time drawing nude and semi-nude models. It’s a process that allowed me to improve my understanding of drawing the human form, human proportion and creating representations of people using different mediums. I enjoyed life drawing… Read more Life Drawing