Maya FBX Batch Exporter Complete

The first version of my FBX batch exporter is up on Creative Crash. You can download it here. The exporter references your Maya files, selects the joints and meshes you want to export and exports animations too.  As it’s a very early version there may be bugs, so back up your project before use!

Tab1: Info/Help

Tab 2: Joints and Meshes

Tab 3: Animation List



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Thanks for making this available, it looks very handy! I would love to check it out, but the site you’ve hosted it on won’t let me download and instead redirects me to their home page. Could you possibly post the source here as you did with your earlier iteration?

You need to be a member of their site to download anything. Registering is free and fairly simple, but here’s a link directly to what you’d get from them:

Hi James.. your scripts looks pretty good. I was curious about an error I was receiving. I”m using Maya 2014 on a PC and I get this error
# Error: WindowsError: file line 270: 3 #

Line 270 = files = os.listdir(saveFilePath)

Any help would be awesome

This is a difficult one for me to troubleshoot as I no longer have access to the Python editor or Maya, and I haven’t done for quite some time. That said, the error looks like it’s having trouble resolving the save path for FBX exports. There are probably many reasons why this may be the case, but the most likely may be changes to Maya’s FBX exporter or the code that the script uses to get the currently loaded project location. Regardless, I’m sorry to say I won’t be able to make any changes or fixes any time soon and I wish I could be of more help.

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