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Building the UI in Maya Python

Character rig UI work in progress

As you can see from the image above I’m finally starting to get somewhere with my Python. I’m building a reasonably well laid out UI and today managed to map my head around how Maya’s implementation in Python does querying and editing of UI element properties (e and q tags not listed in the Maya Python reference library other than which can be applied to other methods/parameters.)

It’s tough going but by tomorrow afternoon I’ll be ready to begin on actually automating something. Getting that first one out the way will probably take a while as I’ll need to lear a lot of stuff to get there, but once it’s out the way I’ll likely have the tools I need to do the rest much more quickly. I’m starting with the legs, excluding the feet, setting up a IKRP on the legs, creating the locators/control shapes and arranging the hierarchy properly. I’ll post again around this time next week with the latest progress and changes I’ve made to my plans.


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