[UDK] Castle Fearghus

This is a play-through of a game made as part of the Mrof Games Development course at the University of Abertay, Dundee. The game is created using UDK, with art assets created using Autodesk Maya, 3DS Max and Photoshop.

The game is set in a fictional Scottish castle overrun by vampires. Fearghus must storm the castle and defeat the vampires, eventually reaching the vampire lord. Defeat him to complee the level. The game controls similarly to games like Power Stone and Kung-Fu Chaos, with 1 or 2 player platforming and fighting action.

Team Tertiary are…
Producer: Kunal Patwe
Designer: Isabella Wang
Programmers: Donald Hicks, Tony Hilton, Hunter Zhang
Concept art, environment and UI): Bruce Yan, Neal Liu
Character concept, modelling and texturing: Yuting Jiang
Character rig and animation, character particle effects: James Kyle
Audio: Cam Goold

The game was shown at Dare Protoplay 2012 at Cairn Hall in Dundee as part of the Dare to be Digital competition show and associated events. Here’s a video of how it looked there. It’s not quite as polished and played a little worse than the final submitted version but was still received well by the public.


2 thoughts on “[UDK] Castle Fearghus

  1. This is a very cool total conversion! Your team should be proud! What are the plans for distribution so we can play 🙂

  2. Unfortunately as the course is now over we’ve all went our seperate ways. The University of Abertay is doing a IP development program (something like that) to promote the games made by students commercially and try to take them further, but with so many games made by students not only on my course but on the undergraduates and the Dare to be Digital competition the chances of our game being selected a slim. We remain hopeful though! We are unable to distribute the small demo we’ve made due to the university’s part-ownership of the IP (a practice that’s actually very common.)

    Ideally most of us are looking for work now. Ideally some kind of tech. animator paid internship or junior role would st me just fine.

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