Hello world, hello python

I’m working on setting up an Aptana/PyDev/PyMEL setup so that I can start working on automating my rigging in a programming environment more user-friendly than the Maya script editor. In the process of doing so Swiss Miss linked to this video that makes me think I should not only do this but also get myself a github account and start sharing code and becoming more of a code-centric person. Currently anything I write sits locked away on my computer except on the rare occasion I write about it here or go pleading for help on codey websites. It would probably be more beneficial to me to work on becoming not only a better programmer but also a better team member, a better software developer. Thankfully as a aspiring TA I’m not on the front-lines of the coding of whatever games I end up working on but that’s no reason not to learn and understand how the coding works, is organised and controlled.



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