UDK Mesh Outlines

In my third semester at the University of Abertay’s MProf Games Dev. course I’m working on a UDK based game. I’d like to add an outline shader to the characters to really make them stand out against the environment and capture that cartoon.comic feel. I found an interesting thread on the subject here. The material for it seems very complex, with a large amount of maths going on. Thankfully the original poster to the thread uploaded a upk file with a pre-made post-process effect. It appears to be a file identical to that outlined in the UDN tutorial. It’s quite easy to add to the game, though tweaking it to get a look that works well for our game’s visual style will take longer, and no doubt there’ll be other issues too.

All in all a very interesting effect. Hopefully we can get it implemented before the Protoplay event on the 10th of August, but as it’s hardly a core mechanic I doubt it. It should be ready for submission a few weeks later though.


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