Maya to UDK Export

I’m going to have to export some animations from Maya to UDK eventually, and from what I’ve been shown of the process by Kristian there has to be an easier way. There just has to be! It works, but it’s fairly clunky and there’s a serious likelihood of accidents.

Looking it up there doesn’t seem to be a one-size-fits-all UDK mesh and animation exporter. There’s a few for meshes, such as jdUDK tools (looks great,) but the main job seems to be in making a FBX Export preset that selects only the necessary data to make an FBX that UDK will take without error.

There are a few resources on this. The first stop is the UDK support site, which details the bare bones of getting assets out of a few different 3D packages and then how to get them into UDK.  The best source of info came from, which had a forum thread on exporting without constraints, something you need to remove from the scene before exporting on default FBX export settings.

What I’ll need to do is follow this blog article to make a nice preset I can distribute to the rest of the team for animation exporting. It doesn’t sound that difficult but FBX is such a massive beast to work with it’s difficult to get all the settings just right if you’re new to working with it.


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