Storyboards for AdAnim

Though I’m posting these boards today I drew them a couple of months ago on my iPad’s Autodesk Sketchbook Pro application. Moving the images from the iPad to my Picasa account is a bit of a job though, so I’ve been putting it off for as long as possible. I’ve finally got around to doing it though, so here they are.

You’ll notice that there are two sets of boards that are nearly identical but for a change in the main cat/dog character. Early in the project I’d decided to an animation about the relationship between a cat and bird based on an actual cat that belongs to my girlfriends mother. The cat was sleeping on the pavement on a hot summers day and a local crow was pestering him, getting within a foot of the cat before the cat would look up, causing the crow to hop a few steps back. This back and forth of the bird trying to get close to the cat and the cat just not caring at all was really funny at the time and I wanted to capture that relationship in an animation.

I had the opportunity many weeks later to use a model created by 4th year student Rachel Shackleton, but it was a puppy rather than a cat. As it would cut out the job of modelling one of the characters I decided to use it. It’s a nice model, very cute and an easy replacement for the cat. Nothing is lost in the change. I adapted my storyboards, erasing as little as possible to create some boards that showed a dog in the place of the cat and got started on my animatic, which I will post soon.


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