Character sketching

For the first time in years I’m doing character design. I generally hate this kind of thing – I find drawing people really difficult – and this is no different. This time I’m also having to work towards modelling the character in 3D, something that forces upon me a whole new set of considerations that just don’t exist in 2D work.

The actual modelling process won’t be that hard. What the main problem I have is just designning something I’m happy with. I find it extremely frustrating when my proportions are wrong, or if I can’t get the look I want from out of my head and onto the page. I’m getting there though, and I’ve went through a few different tests of body shape and appearance to get to something I’m happy with and that will look suitably chunky in 3D.

What I haven’t added in this post are the sketches from my pen/paper sketchbook. Everything in the gallery below is from working on Autodesk Sketchbook Pro in my iPad. The “analogue” stuff will follow in the next post once I’ve scanned them.

What’s really handy on Sketchbook Pro is the auto-symmetry option, so I can draw one side and the other side draws too. It’s a bit of a cheat but it’s how I’ll be doing the model


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