Non-photorealistic rendering

Sadly the research into NPR – at least that which is viewable on Google Scholar – is overwhelmingly skewed towards computer science, focusing heavily on the algorithms and improveents in computational efficiency to achieve more desirable renders. One such example of this is “X-Toon: An Extended Toon Shader” [Barla et al. 2006], in which Barla extends the common toon-shader (as found in Autodesk Maya and other 3D modelling/animation applications,) to allow moreeffective rendering of ““tone detail,” which can vary with depth or surface orientation. This supports effects such as levels-of-abstraction, aerial perspective, depth-of-field, backlighting, and specular highlights.” {Barla et al. 2006] Barla adds that this new toon shader allows for the creation of additional normal maps of lesser detail and effectively interpolates between the two, giving more or less visual detail as required.

Though I find this type of research interesting I doubt I would ever pursue such a study myself. I shall perhaps avoid the use of mathematics and science heavy research and focus myself more on qualitative studies.

Other research sources I considered:

While these links aren’t really relevant to what I’d like to research I’d like to at least record that I considered them.


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