Character Revisions

A book I’d ordered arrived last night, “Prepare to Board” by Nancy Belman. I’d been lucky and found a new copy of it going for well below the normal price so I snapped it up. I’ve only read the first part of the first chapter but already I can see it’s a wise investment. Already I can see ways I can improve my processes and my character for the 3D animation module.

My first problem is that I I find my character a little difficult to draw quickly. That is, I draw him too quickly and I do’t recognise him as the one I’d drawn before. I need to simplify if I’m going to be able to easily redraw the character in a variety of poses for my character sheet. Moreover, the simplification will give him a more distinct silhouette and hopefully emphasise the stern and imposing nature of his character. I don’t feel quite so rigidly tied to the normal body shape.


I plan by the end of the week to have the full character sheet done plus a bunch of poses to demonstrate his personality/moods.


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