Character research

I’m planning on doing a short animation of a builder/building site worker, one who initially seems a crude working class stereotype. The working class stereotype is, as defined by Alan Milburn in a quote taken from John Harris’ article in the Guardian on class snobbery, “racist, xenophobic, thick, illiterate, parochial.

UK construction workers

The physical appearance of the main character should be that of a typical construction worker. Hard hat, fluorescent jacket and heavy, steel toed boots, etc. The size and shape of the character isn’t tied to his working class or construction background in any way so in this I have flexibility. The only thing I’d like to avoid in this regard is an overly muscular or burly character. That’s harder to animate. No heavies here!

My rough outline for the animation is to present a character that initially seems to fit the media stereotype of the white working class male as described in the Guardian article linked at the top of the page, but then through the character’s discovery of an object (what this will be I have yet to decide) he is revealed to be a sensitive, thoughtful and intelligent person with interests outside gambling, football and drinking.

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