CHS Game Update

So I’ve been working on this thing. It’s a project that I thought of to make use of all the video footage I shot while doing regular volunteering at the Croy Historical Society. I haven’t been back in ages, partly because I’ve been busy with stuff but also because after having pestered everyone with my Handycam I didn’t want to come back without anything to show for it. But now I have something to show, and it’s about bloody time too.

Using the cursor keys (the arrows near the number pad on the right half of the keyboard) you can move the character around what is a crude tilemap representation of the building in which the C.H.S. meet. I plan to add staff and visitors, transitions between areas, etc, as the program grows, and embed video that appears when speaking to those people in the game.

This is already far more complex than anything I’ve ever made in Adobe Flash but I’m now certain that I’m going to finish it.


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