FD website finished soon.

I’m currently in the process of finalising the CSS for a website I’m building for a small design blog/shop. Working with CSS I always find out something new. I’m becoming more ambitious with it though, and next time I’ll have something even better to show off. For now though this is enough.

Fission Design website layout
The layout for the FD website. with some dummy content

This layout is more than a little influenced by the SwissMiss blog, and I was creating this as a test to see if I could make something similar, albeit with layout, type, colours, etc. appropriate to the clients needs.

Aside from SwissMiss there were a few other influences I drew from. I use Helvetica for almost all text but the site logo as it’s clean and easily read on screen. A quick refresher on colour theory led me to the primary yellow and orange. A healthy dose of research and image trawling through some specific Flickr galleries, FFFFound and Share Some Candy always leads me to new ideas, as does the tiled background website AVA7. SiteInspire is often a good place to check too, especially to remind myself just how far languages like HTML and CSS can be pushed.

So all i all I’m quite pleased with how it’s working out. I’ll add some proper content soon to replace the dummy content I’m using currently, make any necessary changes then I’m done with the basic layout. Next up is adjusting the CSS for plugin-specific classes.


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