This theme was a vehicle to allow me to try moving the navbar to the top of the screen, and to try different border styles. ┬áIt also uses @font-face, and as such requires a browser with CSS3 support. This will become more widely adopted soon, but until then the website wil look odd in IE. Sfari, Chrome and Firefox will display it fine though. At least I hope so. I haven’t bothered to test it in most browsers, and have only seen it in the latest version of Safari and Firefox. Still, these themes aren’t really for general use (though feel free to use it if you want,) and serve more as an exercise in theme creation for me.

The theme is a child theme, and as such requires the thematic framework theme to be installed on your WordPress setup. You can find this here.

If you like this theme, feel free to contact me with feedback, or comment below.

Download it from here.


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