CCW website to be finished

I’ll be using the Thematic WordPress framework to build the Canine Country Walks website I was working on a while ago. This website was being built for a startup company in my local area, which unfortunately closed within a month. As such, the website was never finished, though it was just as well, as I doubt I’d have been able to build it properly. If I had, it would be static HTML and CSS. No CMS, no subsequent updates to the website.

Now that I’m getting to grips with creating child themes using Thematic, it should be possible to build this using only custom CSS. Once the theme is completed, I’ll upload it for public use.

This mockup was made long before I began experimenting with WordPress, so the width of the content, header, footer, etc is a little off what I’d expect from a normal theme. Also, I’ve left no space for any widgets, which I’ll make allowances for in the final child theme. Otherwise it should look roughly like the image above.


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