Tabloid text Unreal 2K4 map

UnrealEd LevelI hate the tabloid press, or any media forms that deliberately seek to mislead people to further their own goals. So, to highlight this poor or inaccurate reporting and further my academic studies I created my “Tabloid Text Claustrophobia” Unreal Tournament 2004 map. The user is surrounded on all sides by impassable barriers of tabloid text. Gaps exist in the text, but there isn’t any real way out. As the user moves through the text from one section to the next they are met by another area of text. Each section represents a different issue that the U.K. tabloid press either did an extremely poor job reporting, or which they deliberately create a scandal to sell more newspapers.

I had to use a few tricks to get it to submission standard. UnrealEd would crash constantly or refuse to load the map successfully if I used invisible walls that constrained the player, so I had to make invisible walls that were easily jumped. I unbound the jump key to avoid players leaping outside the intended area. I wanted to remove the players weapons, but to avoid scripting I simply unbound the fire buttons and hid the gun in the UI options.


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