Life Drawing

During my time at college and university I did a lot of life drawing. We spent a great deal of time drawing nude and semi-nude models. It’s a process that allowed me to improve my understanding of drawing the human form, human proportion and creating representations of people using different mediums.

I enjoyed life drawing a great deal. Initially there was a novelty to drawing a nude model, though this wears off very quickly and by the end of the session you’re engrossed in creating as many sketches, drawings and paintings as possible. It’s something I miss greatly and would love to do again.

I’ve photographed and scanned all the work I could find and created a slideshow to show them online. Some of it is better than others, and it’s not in any kind of order. The music that accompanies the slideshow is “vacuum” by Epsilon Not, from the album “stone focus,” from the website.


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