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This work wasn’t finished, not really.

It began as an idea based on personal experience. For my tenth or eleventh birthday I wanted Doom 32X from my mum (yes, I owned a 32x, and a Mega CD!) Lucky me, my mum headed off to Asda and bought me it. I was delighted.

Speed forward ten years later and Doom is infamous for supposedly inspiring random acts of violence and anti-social behaviour across the world. I wonder how many others had this game bought for them by parents ignorant of the violence-inducing content. Surely if parents are giving this to their children then they are partly responsible for the negative consequences it causes?

I thought it would be fun to make an animation that presents the parent as the real influence on the child. The parent will buy the game, but in doing so will demonstrate all the inappropriate content that the game would be exposing the child to. I chose a few well known examples of games that have been criticised by the media then though Autodesk Maya had a toy-like mother character carry these actions out, all in an effort to get to the nearest computer games store.

To give some kind of narrative I added a few Ninja Gaiden (NES) style cut-scenes, a short loading and crash screen to start and end it, and had the whole thing play out to “Kids on Speed” by Chairman Wow, used under permission from band member Stephen Kyle.

So as I was saying, I never really finished it. I didn’t know Maya well enough to have it as good as I’d have liked, and I’m not sure Maya was really the right medium anyway. Perhaps making an actual “Bad Parent” game would have worked better. Worse still, this piece was accidentally exhibited by the university at their DA&D show at Glasgow’s Centre for Contemporary Arts, near the Glasgow School of Art. Anyway, I may revisit this project when I can finish it to a standard I’m satisfied with, but since my student license of Maya has expired it won’t be another 3D animation.


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