Adidas Animations

This animation was the product of many repeated drawings of a single object. By producing repeated studies of a single object we could create a final animation that would present it in a new and unexpected manner, similar to that employed by Claes Oldenburg. I’d initially began by drawing my Nintendo DS, but after leaving it at home one too many times I decided to draw something I couldn’t possibly forget.

So that’s how I came to be drawing so many sketches of my smelly old Adidas shelltoes. I can only apologise to my classmates who had to put up with my smelly shoe propped up on the shared work area day after day, week after week. I’ll make everyone else suffer for my art!

The sketches led to two animations: The 3D animation below was created in 3DS Max, rendered and uploaded to Youtube. It treats the shoe as a symbol, a creature of iconic shelltoe and stripes. This creature moves in a manner that mimics an evolutionary process, crawling and squirming initially, before swimming through the void before breaking into a full walk.

I’m less keen on the 2D animation, though it’s not because I didn’t spend enough time on it or I think I did a poor job. I just can’t remember what I was doing with it at the time, a situation made worse by my lack of notes in my sketchbook. I don’t think I had as much emotional investment in the work. You can see it and judge for yourself which of the two you prefer.


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